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TRR Pickem Pool – Win a Replica Redskins Jersey

Its time to get this started. The pool is being run on ESPN since they allow as many players as can sign up. You may have to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, but its free.

1) Pick the winner of each game. This is a straight up pick’em pool, no point spreads.
2) Your worst week will be eliminated in determining your total score. So if you miss a week, you won’t be completely screwed.
3) There will only be one winner, if we end up with a tie there will be a tiebreaker to decide the ultimate winner. That tiebreaker will be decided later. Only one prize will be sent.
4) The prize is a replica Redskins jersey of your choosing purchased from either the Redskins shop or NFL Shop. Anyone can sign up, but the prize is a REDSKINS jersey, so fans of other teams keep that in mind.

And that’s enough of that. I doubt they’ll be more than 50 entries in this, so you have very good odds of winning. So good luck and go sign up.

Link: ESPN Pigskin Pick’em. Save in your bookmarks once you sign up.
Group Name: The Redskin Report
Password: joegibbs

Hopefully that’s all the info you need, if that doesn’t work let me know. I believe you create your entry 1st, and then click ‘join/create a group’ in the upper left corner.

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  3. Bill

    6 now, including me and you. Now, if I can only keep the entries DOWN, Muhahahaha.

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