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Attacking the Jaguars: Will the Redskins be able to Score?

The main concern for most Redskin fans this week is facing the ultra tough Jacksonville defense. The Redskins offense has looked downright terrible against every somewhat competent defenses they’ve faced this year. So how can the Skins score against a defense that managed to hold Peyton Manning in check last week? Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Run the Ball: The Jaguars pass defense is lethal. Their rush defense is solid, but it hasyet to be tested against a top notch rush offense. The Jaguars defensive success has been helped by teams becoming pass heavy against them. Consider through three weeks they’ve faced 86 pass attempts and only 55 rush attempts. That’s not to say that teams have had much success running the ball to date, but staying balanced is the key to getting a win.
  2. Don’t fear their tackles:Its only three games, but the Jags rank in the bottom half of the league on runs up the middle. They also ranked in the lower half of the league last year. They gave up over 4.3 yards/carry on runs straight back up the middle. In week one, Julius Jones was able to break a 23 yard touchdown run on a play up the gut.
  3. Don’t Turnover the Ball: As mentioned above, the Redskins have to stay out of situations where they are forced to pass. In order to do this, they can’t get behind early. In three games, the Jaguars have forced five turnovers. They’ve turned 3 of those turnovers into scores and the other two led to game ending drives (i.e. kneel downs).
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3 Responses

  1. Bill

    For the life of me, I can’t decide who’s going to win… my heart says Washington, my head says probably Jacksonville, but trying to rectify it, neither will budge… which is unusual, since I’m not AWFUL at picking winners (see the Pick ‘em contest…) All season, where I’ve had toss-up games, I’ve tended to pick the wrong team (visiting teams have been very successful this year… when it’s a true tossup, I tend to pick the home team).

    This is a game that, if the ‘Skins can win, will be a “stepping stone” game to a playoff run. They can still make the playoffs with a loss here (it gets a good bit easier later in the season, after the Bye week; the Redskins could conceivably lose 3 out of 4, having a 2-5 record at the bye, and still do 9-7 or even 10-6 with some luck), but it’s a big difference between 3-4 or even potentially 4-3 heading into the Bye from 2-5 (at the moment, I’m still assuming a loss to Indy; it’s a near certainty if Springs still isn’t healthy, though he should be back by the Titans game, at least). In other words, the Redskins need to win this game… both for the standings, and for their own confidence.

  2. Jon

    I am having similar feelings on this game, but i like the situation we are in, a must win at home. I am going to chalk this one up to homefield advantage, beating a team we probably shouldnt on the backs of fans.

  3. Rob

    I dont think this is a team we shouldn’t beat. This to me is a team we should beat. Where were both team projections preseason and what were the results end of last season. I see two solid teams one that came together quicker than the other this season. 4 weeks in now with portis back we should win this game. It would help to have springs back but I can easily pick the skins in this one. It will be a battle and the jags will make it interesting late, but skins prevail and I’ll give the points.

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