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Defensive Disaster

The Redskins defense is a serious problem. After yesterday’s 19-3 loss a lot of the talk has focused on the unproductive offense (and don’t get me wrong, it was bad yesterday), but the real issue is the defense. The offense has at least played well a couple of times this year, we are still waiting for the first decent defensive performance.

Shawn Springs is a big loss, but is can he fix this defense? They give up big play after big play, and cannot get off the field. The Giants ran the ball at will, they passed the ball at will, and absolutely controlled the game.

I’m at a loss as to what the Redskins should do. I wanted them to use a more conservative game plan to avoid putting the weak secondary into coverages they couldn’t handle, but that’s what they did on Sunday, with the same pathetic results. So what are your thoughts to fixing the defense?

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  1. Ben

    Thanks for the link, Lee. I am concerned about the expectations factor with regard to Springs. The worse the Redskins’ defense looks, the more it’s tempting to say, well, when Springs gets back, it’s all good, WE’LL ROKC HOME FIELDF THRUOUTY THE PLAYAOOFS!!!1!

    The problems in the secondary are deeper than one guy’s absense. Carlos Rogers is getting a trial by fire, but he’s not the shutdown guy the Redskins need for this season. At best, the corner position is about half-measures right now. Wright and Rumph are not as dismal as I thought at the beginning of the season, but by no means should they be the starting guy across from Rogers. Weakness at the corners just increases the safeties’ workload. Last week, it was fine. This week, it was too much.

    Springs is not a silver bullet, but he’ll improve things. And I’m not saying the ghost of Tom Carter is stirring, but Rogers has to get it together. He’s a first round pick.

  2. Courtney L. Tucker

    There were far too many three man rushes when a five man rush was in order. I know that puts the two weak Springs replacements on an island, but as you note, they gave up huge gains anyway. Twice the blitz was almost there and Giants receivers found a way to make great catches; give Manning credit for standing in the pocket. Greg Williams must be more aggressive as his profile indicates. It is now very apparent that allowing Smoots to leave was a major mistake; another cover corner, NOT from Miami, is a draft need. Finally, as far as I am concerned, my former UW QB Mark Brunell is still doing well and will continue to do so until injured.

  3. Michael

    This is my 1st post, and probably my last. This is not something I generally do, but I finally read a post that got my attention.

    Everyone’s been focusing on the offense – Brunell, Saunders, etc. and IMHO, they’ve all been focused on the wrong thing. We should have known that this offense was gonna take some time to learn and that the defense was gonna have to carry to the team for the 1st 2-4 games. So far, the defense has been a complete bust. They can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass, they can’t rush the QB – it’s a total wash-out.

    OK, enough ranting, what can they do to fix it? I think it’s time to replace scheme with talent. As I recall, Williams’ ‘claim to fame’ is to bring in cast-off’s and use scheme to make up for lack of talent – or something like that. I think his scheme has been ‘had’. Without covers corners, his blitzes don’t get there – not enough people – and that puts way too much pressure on his corners who need safety and linebacker help to shut people down. We seem to get much more pressure when Golston is in there. I think you will see the same kind of increased energy with that rookie linebacker – MacIntosh. Other than that, I don’t have any ideas.

    But I do have a question – just who is Dale Lindsey? I have never seen an NFL coach make a remark as dumb as the one he made last week about Arrington. If that wasn’t bulletin-board material – I don’t know what bulletin-board material is. He trashed Lavar last year, is continuing this year, and still has a horrible linebacking corps. When they finally get around to pruning this overpaid coaching staff, he should be the 1st to go.

    ‘Sorry for the rant, but this is just unacceptable for a coaching staff with 3 years and a pretty much unlimited budget.

  4. Mazbar arson

    Michael Wilborn and others of Washington post should stop writing these soft articles about Washington related sports. Why cant they be harsh for once and write the articles holding coaches and players accountable for their actions. If I was making millions of dollars and I did not do what I was hired to do then someone better take me to task, this hardly happens by Washington media. This applies to coaches and players. Washington Redskins football use to be a dynasty but mediocrity has hit for a while. Dan Snyder wants a dynasty and the current team as it is constituted is not a dynasty. The future articles should continue to focus on the fact that players and coaches better shape up or ship out. Mcihael and Tony should stop working on their respective media images and work on being hard nose journalist that they were and could be.

  5. chris black

    carlos rogers has got to go! he can’t handle deep coverage at all. replace him, and things will get better on other offense’s deep balls for our defense

  6. Rob

    To me, after seeing the Redskins play Dallas and NY and seeing Philly play. We are not in their league. Boy have we gone backwards. Gibbs cam back and this team is still overall under 500. It’s like we have bad Karma or something. I don’t understand why the defense is so poor. The offensive line is so inconsistent and the QB can’t get the ball downfield. Every year the problems are supposed to be fixed and they are not. Fixing this team, I’m afraid there’s no place to start. It might help to have coaches who call out players instead of stroking them and making excuses. Some people need to start reeming some people. There is no fire on this team and it looks like the makings of a nother poor season. I don’t even want to start with the fact that we are spending draft picks like the future don’t matter. They sold this teams future. C’mon TJ Duckett. I see the problems as this 1. Coaches with no attitude 2. A team that’s aging and the decline in motor skills is obvious- we don’t match up. Only draft picks can fix that and quite frankly we don’t manage them well. Thanks for nothing Joe. Sorry but I am pissed. Big time.

  7. Denny

    The Redskins ought to give up their pay check for their ineptness against NY. And so should the coaches! As a fan for my 60+ years I have seen bad teams and this team reminds me mostly of Steve Spurier and Norm Turners.I also wonder about the Skins scouts and those responsible for personnel selection. Mr. Snyder is a great businessman, but has a team that plays when thet feel like it. He should take charge like the late George Preston Marshall and go down on the field and shame those who are dogging it and also their coaches.
    No excuse for the Skins losing, but I have been wondering if the Giants are monitoring the Redskins calls. I say this because at last year’s debacle, and this Sunday’s, the Giants were mostly in position for the plays called by the coaches. Even if they were, as Vince Lombardi said ” a play run correctly should always work.” Try it Skins. Vince’s teams won.

  8. Skin Patrol

    I think there’s a bit of hysterics above me. The fact is we lost to a tough opponent on the road. We looked far more outclassed at Giants Stadium last year in a 36-0 beat down, but we somehow managed to pick up our game and beat them at home and close out the season 10-6. Right now we’re at 2-3, and although we look outclassed by division opponents, we’ve also suffered some fairly debilitating injuries that should eventually right themselves.

    Not trying to be an apologist, but having suffered through enough bad years in the Spurrier era, I think we can all tell when a season is headed for disaster. We haven’t quite reached that point… yet.

  9. chris black

    We have better get well prepared for an air attack in two weeks by the Colts. They constantly and consistently move the ball through the air, and the Giants beating us will look mild compared to what the Colts COULD do, unless of course we step it up with the corners.

    Not to mention, we better not underestimate the Titans either…. they could possibly get some big plays against us too.

    Someone please comment on what Greg Williams is doing to rectify this poor performance pattern.

  10. Rob

    I think it’s that the league caught up to him. I have to pick myself back up every time I see a blitz from the secondary and see the ball get placed precisely where the blitz came from.

  11. Mariano G. Lopez Jr.


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