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What the Hell was that?

You’re at home, playing an 0-5 team and you lose????


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  1. Rob

    yes it’s way too bad. I guess our expectations were just too high. Still you hope to gt better than the year before. I think our great coaches and management need to take the Wash. Nationals approach. Need to start signing players for depth rather than go after the “Hot Commodities”. I love this team, but I’m starting to feel like there is just a dark cloud over this team since 92.

  2. Rollerpimp

    So did the Chiefs have another Offensive coordinator because Saunders is just offensive. No reason to stretch the field when you can do screen passes. Yeah! No one will ever figure that out. I have been a supporter for Brunell but it might be time to pull the plug.

  3. Bill

    One week and counting until the Cambell era arives? After all, we lose to Indy next week, the season is officially over after the last two weeks.

  4. adam

    gotta love vince young… haha

  5. chris black

    yeah, I like Brunell too, but how much longer are we gonna milk him. I think the faster they start Campbell, the sooner he’ll get used to pro-level competition. I mean, the guy has to learn sometime, why not now while we really don’t have too much to lose. The Titans did it with Vince Young, and they beat us!

    I’m not trying to be negative again this week, but I called this crap several days ago in a post. The Redskins staff, players, and fans alike thought that they had this game locked, and underestimated the Titans desperate state. We even lost at home….

    All we can look forward to now is an upset in Indy. A win would be a delightful surprise.

    chris black

  6. Kyle

    Saunders isn’t telling Brunell to check down on every play. Saunders isn’t telling Brunell to ignore every receiver but Moss. MB is a class act, but the offense is handcuffed with him under center. If the Skins lose to the Colts this weekend, Gibbs is going to be under a lot of pressure to give the kid a shot. It’s not giving up on the season when you’re not winning with your current qb.

    And I don’t even want to talk about the defense.

  7. Lee Gibbons

    If we head into the bye at 2-5, you have to think Campbell’s going to get his shot after that. The only problem is the schedule, do you really want to expose Campbell to defenses like Dallas, Philly, Tampa, Carolina and Atlanta right out of the gate?

    As for the defense, they’ve killed pretty much all hopes I’ve had in this team. They can’t stop anyone.

  8. Bill

    Lee, the answer is “Yes”. Because Jason Cambell will face Dallas, and Philly, and Tampa, and Carolina, and Atlanta every year (well, Dallas and Philly twice a year, every year, the others every few years).

    He has to learn. He has to mature. Brunnell can still “Do the job.” I’m not bashing him here… but if the season is toast for the Superbowl aspirations, as a coach/owner/player/fan we would all need to ask “What’s next? How do we right this next year? How do we get back to being a perenial winner?” Mark Brunnell isn’t the answer to that, because he doesn’t have the years left on the arm and legs.. he’s got a couple more years. Even he would admit he’s not going to outplay Joe in this era; he’ll be out of the league in two and a half more seasons, or four and a half if he wants to hang on after he can no longer play for a couple of “Money Years”. Jason Cambell may not be able to do it either; he needs the opportunity, though.

    As for the D: This could have been predicted when we let go of Ryan Clark, had Springs injured, then lost Prilieu. Out of last seasons starting DBs, we had lost three of them (number one CB, number two Safety, number three CB), while only adding Archuleta. I’m not going to insinuate Archuleta is a bust (I don’t think he will be; in the end, I think he may end up an improvement over Clark… but it was too much when he was being asked come into a D that was down to 50% of the top 4 other players, including the number one CB) but it Clark knew the D.
    The guys at 4th and 5th DB simply can’t get the job done as starters… they are positional players for in game depth only, and we’ve gone too deep with so much of the secondary ailing.

    So, Cambell against Dallas three weeks from now, if we lose to the Colts. Brunnell reprieve (but move Cambell to the number 2 slot, and get him practice reps!) if we win, until we see if we can turn it around…. I’m not counting on it. If we’re 2-5 at the Bye, the season is over.

  9. RiggoPosse

    Hell I had high aspirations, very high aspirations. There is no “mo” in the mojo these days for the redskins. Randle El wants the ball. So does Lloyd, Moss, and Cooley.. why can’t we get them the damn ball? They can’t cover every one!

    As for Campbell, c’mon guys(and gals), if he was an inkling as good as Brunell, which isn’t hard these days, he would be playing. Two years for Campbell and the best we can say is he has a strong arm and is developing… well we just watched Vince Young develop right infront of us. Campbell is definitely not the answer. Gibbs may be conservative, but he isn’t stupid.

    How about signing Flutie.. he doesn’t do much in the press box and I still think he could win.

  10. Dwayne

    I think we need to start Jason Cambell like Yesterday. This just does not make since to me why he is not playing. Is there another problem here that know one is talking about??????????That is Jason Cambell if you understand what iam saying. He should be playng now!!!!!!!! This team has problems internal.

  11. Jon

    I am not wathcing another game until Saunders apologizes for his play calling. How do you not run $80 million worth of running backs at one of the leagues worst run defenses? inexcusable, he is lucky he has a job right now.

    Yes, the defense played poorly, but the offense lost the game.

    where do we go from here? keep playing football, assess your talent and start building your team right now. The defense needs to gel, probable 2007 starters should be playing at least half of every game; learning the nuances of their teamates and how they react to plays (archuleta and taylor keep hitting eachother!).

    As for the offense, Cambell will play, when i dont know. I would start him against Tampa in week 11 barring a 3 game win streak putting us above .500 for the first time in this season. I like mark, but is he our starting qb in 2007?

  12. Jon

    sorry for the 2 consecutive posts, but i saw something interesting while looking at our past schedules.

    Last year we were 7-2 when portis rushed for more than 100 yds, regardless of carries (one of those 2 was the tampa game “of shame”).

    This year, we are 2-0 while having a rusher (portis had 78 yards to betts’ 124 vs. Houston) with more than 100 yards.

    This is not a secret! it is how you win games!!! anyone here could have called a better game than saunders.

  13. TrickyBuddha

    I’ve seen it expressed in only a few places, but I’ll add it here. Why jump from Brunell to Campbell?

    This team needs an identity. Right?

    And our identity comes from our philosophies. And our philosophies come from our coaches. Our offensive philosophy is based on Al Saunders’ playbook. And Mark Brunell has only at times shown an ability to perform some portions of that playbook.

    Let’s bring Collins in. Let him show the team what this offense is supposed to do. At least with Collins we can use all 700+ pages of the playbook. At least with Collins we can force defenses to play a little more honestly since he has the arm to get it deep and intermediate. At least with Collins we can see what the team is supposed to look like, and work toward doing that consistently.

    Sure, it’d piss Brunell off because there’s no other way to color it than “you’re benched.” Sure, it’d piss Campbell off because there’s no other way to color it than “you’re not ready, and a career back-up is taking your job.” But it just might have a chance to work.

    To be honest, I’m not even completely ready to jump off the Brunell bandwagon, but this team needs to figure itself out, and Collins just might be the guy capable of doing that for us. I mean, come on. Isn’t that why we signed him?

  14. TrickyBuddha

    >>> Yes, the defense played poorly, but the offense lost the game.

  15. TrickyBuddha

    Sorry for that prior post. I forgot that those symbols I used to express a quotation cause problems and eat posts.

    I’ll sum up where I was going.

    You claim that the defense played poorly, but that the offense lost the game. Well, my response is that the offense scored 22 points and in a normal situation 22 should be enough to win. Especially when you’re at home against a winless team starting a rookie QB. Especially when the defense should understand that the offense is trying to gain its footing and is not yet capable of performing with any level of consistency.

    Remember when the Ravens won the super bowl despite a struggling offense? Remember those famous quotes of Shannon Sharpe asking Marvin Lewis how many points the offense needed to get to keep the team winning? Isn’t the old NFL “road to victory” based in part on holding the other team to 17 a game?

    But I’m being just as unfair as you by making a claim like that – suggesting that the defense lost us the game. The truth of the matter is that the offense, defense, and special teams all lost us the game. It’s wrong to focus the blame to one particular unit.

    If the defense could make stops, if the offense could convert third downs and sustain drives, or force defenses to play honestly, if the special teams could get off punts, for distance and hang time, and convert field goals… we’d probably have been in position to win all of our games so far. And we’d be optimistic going up against the Colts.

    But we’re not doing any of those things. And trying to slam TJ, Portis, Rock, Betts and Sellers through a struggling offensive line isn’t going to solve any of those problems.

  16. WolfMan

    WTF is more like !!! Paying that butt wipe 2mil. a year.
    To call in 1st and long,and turn it over.Joe you had better start making the call your self again. Or Please go back to raceing..
    Because your no help to us just collecting a check standing on the sideline.

  17. red1

    I’m a die hard washington fan. And over the years I stayed with this team through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I would agree with most that it is time to put jason campbell in to this league!! again, I’m not bashing Brunell but let’s look at what’s real for what’s real. I’ve got love for anybody that plays in that Washington uniform, but campbell is the future, why not invest in it? The competition, not only in the NFC east, but with the whole rest of the season schedule is tuff. At best, we’ll have to win all the rest of the games for the year to have a good wild card shot. With that in mind we should give Campbell a shot. If nothing else it will be a warm up for next season, and we could start out with a young but seasoned quarterback. If this year is somewhat shot, and that’s just look at the teams we have to face and have had trouble with, then lets blow it up and let campbell get some time in. we don’t want to wait till next year to put campbell in and have him stumble through the first 5-6 games of that season and face at best another wild card season.

    All in all, campbell had proven himself in the pre-season that he can stand out there and to me looked better than any of the quarterbacks. Washington, yes, is a team that is based on the ground game, but in today’s NFL, you better be able to throw the damn ball down the field and do it quick. Or, as a quarterback, be able to scramble and move the hell out the way. We don’t have time to snap the ball, take out a slide ruler, and figure out which direction the ball needs to go. Brunell seems to be scared or something. Trust the wide outs.

    Last, if you are a true Washington Redskins fan then you should be pissed off. It’s time for a change. We are due!! We help pay those salaries, the Lincon navigators, rocks in the ears through ticket sales and licensed merchandise. If you’re like me, i’m eating a bowl of ramen noodles right now, but I got a ton of Washington gear that I have paid for because I love this team. Get hyped!! Somebody on that field get hyped!! Bust some ass and win games! (Think I don’t love Washington?) Sorry that this was so long, but I had to voice my opinion. Thanks for anyone that will read this and take this to heart if you are a true fan.

  18. WasSkins

    Joe Gibbs needs to be fired!

  19. Rob

    See it turned crazy quick in here. Joe Gibbs needs to fix the franchise then retire- to the front office. I don’t think the future coach is with the team right now.

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