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Discussion: The Worst off-season ever?

Looking back at this past off-season by the Redskins and I got to thinking. Is this the worst off-season display ever by an NFL team?


  • Adam Archuleta – made the highest paid safety in the NFL – has been demoted behind a guy who’s began the year on IR with another team and another guy who was signed to play special teams.
  • Andre Carter – signed for 30 million over 6 years plus bonuses – has managed to get a whopping 3 sacks.
  • Antwaan Randle-El – signed for 30 million over 6 years plus bonuses – has 28 catches and a fullback-like 10.1 yard per catch average. He’s been decent on punt returns, getting 9.3 yards per return (although James Thrash averaged 7.7 yards last year).
  • Todd Collins – signed for 2.5 million over 2 years – looks pretty sharp on the sidelines.
  • Christian Fauria – signed 2 million dollar deal – earned a million dollars per catch.
  • Kenny Wright – signed 1 year, $700,000 deal – a complete disaster when pressed into starting duty.
  • Rocky McIntosh – 2nd round draft pick – can’t beat out Warrick Holdman for a starting role. Traded 3 picks for the chance to pick McIntosh including next year’s 2nd round choice.

The only saving grace for the Redskins work last summer is the play of 6th round draft choice Kedric Golston. No other draft choice has made much of a contribution, although 5th round pick Anthony Montgomery did make one start.

So can you think of anything that even comes close to a worst off-season performance than that?

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  1. chris black


  2. Bill

    Bruce Smith/Deion Sanders/Jeff George/Mark Carrier, etc.

    Just for Deion alone WORST OFFSEASON EVER.

    I’m not out on Carter (he’s underperformed so far, but “The book on him isn’t closed”, and we DID overpay… should have been closer to $20M over 6 years), I’m actually high on Randle-El (how much of the low catch count is that we had Brunnell back there? He’s been getting better the last few weeks. I can’t wait to see him, a healthy Moss, a healthy Portis, and Cambell next year!), or McIntosh (yeah, he should be playing more… but he’s looked good when he HAS been in, for a rookie). Collins was ALWAYS supposed to be “the other QB”, and he’s not that exhorbitant. Wright was low enough, but has been a disaster. Fauria has been hurt a lot, but has underperformed (how many games has he missed? Seven? Nine? Something like that… No wonder we’re having issues when our “top two pass catching TEs” are basically on the shelf… lucky we have Cooley!). Archuleta was a mistake, though, for sure… he’s not a good fit for what we need in a safety.

    So yeah, not a good crop (and you left out Brandon Lloyd), but NOT the worst we’ve done. And I agree, Golston was a genuine steal in the 6th… we need more of those!

  3. Rob

    Your reaching for something that’s not there. The Deion- Jeff George offseason was worse. It’s the wrong site for a reader to pick there own topics I know, but c’mon can’t you come up with a better topic. You seem to like kicking the dead horse. I think most of us fans are looking for the bright side and ready to trust Gibbs. You might try going in that direction and maybe more than 4 or 5 people will respond.

  4. Lee Gibbons

    The Deion, Bruce Smith, Mark Carrier moves actually helped the Skins out big time that year. They went from a pitiful defense to a above average. Just couldn’t find a kicker.

    I trust Gibbs and the team has looked better the past few weeks, but they are still losing so a positive post doesn’t really fit. But offering up some solutions instead of kicking them while they are down is a good suggestion.

  5. Skin Patrol

    Kenny Wright was an excellent signing. We needed someone to back us up due to injury and, though he hasn’t been outstanding, Kenny Wright has been exactly what you’d expect from a backups-backup in coverage.

    His 40,000 bonus is totally negligible, and his 700,000 dollar contract is the league minimum for an 8 year veteran. That he signed a 1 year deal means he qualified for the league veteran minimum, meaning his contract only cost us 470,000 against the cap this year (as far as I can tell that makes him the cheapest starter on the entire team). Say what you want about the other contractual disasters, Kenny Wright was a brilliant contract. He’s not much of a player, but free agent, veteran cornerbacks don’t grow on trees.

  6. Kyle

    If you add the fact that we let Walt Harris — a lock for the pro bowl — and Ryan Clark — how much do we miss him? — go, well I can’t imagine anyone ever having a worse offseason. The Skins front office is the laughingstock of the league right now.

    Wait, you also forgot to consider Brandon Lloyd. San Fran didn’t want him anymore — his teammates hated him and the whole league knew it. What do the Skins do? Trade two high picks for him, which was bad enough. Then they tear up his existing deal and give him a huge one before he’s ever played a down in burgundy in gold. He’s been a disaster off the field all season according to insiders, and he’s been a complete non-factor on it.

  7. Steve

    The worst thing the Redskins can do to go forward is to keep Vinny Cerato. We need to hire a GM! There was a comment last week from ESPN that said everyone around the league knew that Archuleta was not an everydown player anymore. But we didn’t know. I would try to get Ryan Clark back or draft someone to replace, but we will take an incredible hit on cap money. I can’t even stand to think about the future with Cerrato.

  8. tab

    We badly need a true-blue GM, and a hustling, thorough scouting team and get back to finding non-ego guys who wanna play. Except for some periods in mid ninety’s when they teased w\mediocre seasons with Norm–”gee whiz was it third down?”–Turner doing a head coaching impression when GM was Casserly, not since the days of good ole Bobby B. (& Coach Joe of course) were we consistently formidable and found guys like jacoby, didier, grant, bostic–all mid rounders (jacoby a free agent) who busted their asses to play and in today’s world wouldn’t have ate up cap space. These top 10 picks are too risky (Carlos Rogers? Average at best; Sean Taylor? Same though has his moments. Lavar? Nuff said…Samuels? Good, but 3rd overall pick-worthy? Bailey? Very very good but too much $$$, too much ego & now he’s gone). Man, trade the #1′s or at least down in the first round (good finds in bottom ten) and get multiple 2″s, 3″s & 4′s and get more guys like Cartwright, Goldstein, Antonio Pierce (God we miss him) and Betts. Jansen was a 2nd rounder. I agree–Cerrato is an obsequies sycophant lacking in creativity w\no eye for talent. Love Coach Joe, but GM’s a full time job. We only need to look north 30 miles at the purple & black gang–a true GM, & hands off owner (except when he bitch slapped Brian to tone down his act), not too many flashy guys that were top picks save ray & Jonathon—thought they’re the lunch pail types we have sorely lacked for a long, long time.

  9. Mufasa

    its not Randle el’s fault that he had an idiot throwing to him. he’s been doing pretty good over the past few weeks. i wouldn’t give up on andre carter either. he’s just trying to adapt to the new scheme. but archuleta has NO excuse for playing as bad as he did.

  10. Dave Cavalieri

    Gibbs never was a good judge of talent. He is a hall of fame coach that is doing everything but caoch.

  11. RiggoPosse

    Since when did Gibbs need talent to win? The only “talent” positions he went for was corners, running backs, and kickers, outside that you take a former redskin and put them in another system and nothing happens. Thiesman, Rypien, Schrader, Williams, none of them would make a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady together… except with the Redskins. Gibbs, saw raw talent, heart, character, and coachability. He knew how to dangle the carrot. Now days, hell most already have a carrot or two.

  12. Master4caster

    Pedro, this is frustration talking. Was there a worse off-season performance? Sure, the $100 million team in 2000; but that’s already been mentioned. Going back in time, how about the Redskins trade of safety Paul Krause to Minnesota in 1968 for a forgotten player and a draft pick. For a season, pick any year in the 1960s when the Skins ranged from 1-13 to 7-7 until Lombardi arrived in ’69 (7-5-2).

    Difference then and now is then no one expected Washington to play for the championship. Excuse me while I cancel my February hotel reservation in Miami.

  13. UK-Skins Fan

    Yes last off-season was bad but there have been a few bads ones recently.
    Can anyone tell me why we keep gettin butt-f***ed by the Denver Broncos ?…over the last three years they have gotten Champ Bailey, Tatum Bell (2nd rounder for Portis), a 1st, two 2nd and two 3rd rounds pick ….in exchange for Portis, Campbell and Duckett !.
    How much will it cost us to dump last years free agent failures ??

  14. Master4caster

    Yeah, but Denver hasn’t made a Super Bowl either with the players mentioned. As periennial playoff contenders with better regular season records, they give their fans more to cheer for. I’ve made up my mind NOT to be impressed with any big name free-agents the team brings in next off-season.

    Got game? Prove it. On the field, not the press room!

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