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Skins Shock Saints

Who’d have thunk it? The Redskins beat the Saints 16-10 behind a strong running game and a surprisingly strong running game. Some quick thoughts on the game:

  • Its going to become a question soon enough, but just who will the Redskins start at RB next year? Ladell Betts is playing like a guy who deserves to start. Granted the Saints aren’t the toughest run defense in the world, but 4 straight 100-yard games says something.
  • If the Skins had lost that game, we’d be hearing another press conference about how the Skins strayed away from their game plan for a period in that game. They were running successfully up the middle all game long, then all of the sudden Saunders starts calling all kinds of outside runs and deep passes and the offense predictably stalls. Stick with what’s working Al.
  • Jason Campbell’s accuracy or lack thereof is starting to concern me. It will improve with time and Im sure the fact that he didn’t practice with the 1st stringers since August before starting, but damn does he miss some throws.
  • Carlos Rogers tried his hardest to drop it, but he finally made an interception. Lets hope he can use that and the 4th down pass defense to get back on his game.
  • How about that Suisham? Could the Redskins have found their kicker?
  • Shawn Springs is on top of his game right now. Teams shouldn’t even look his way, he just blankets receivers and is still one of the best in the game.
  • Andre Carter is starting to earn his paycheck. He has seven tackles today and has been a force for the past few games.

Ah, winning is fun.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Cavalieri

    Nice game, but still have to call better plays near the goal. Stone hands Rodgers finally held on to a ball thrown to him, barely. Betts ran hard, but has to stop fumbling. Duckett is slow and fat. Campbell looked good, but still missed some open throws. How do we get the ball into Moss’s hands with him on the run in the open field? That is my 2 million dollar question.

  2. smyke

    That’s easy. Get another receiver to take the pressure off him. I mean, someone other than Chris Cooley.

  3. Skin Patrol

    Lee can you email me when you get a chance? I have a quick question.


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