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LaRon Landry – The Vitals

LaRon Landry

Scouts, Inc Grade: 97

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 205lbs
Position: Free Safety
College: LSU

Combine Results
40 Time: 4.37
10 Yard Dash: 1.55
20 Yard Dash: 2.57
Vertical: 37.5″
Broad Jump: 10’3″

College Stats:
2003 14-10 54 26 80 3.5-31 3-30 2-0
2004 12-12 53 39 92 5-25 3-19 4-51
2005 13-13 42 27 69 4-17 1-10 3-42
2006 13-13 46 28 68 3.5-14 1-5 3-58
Tot 52-48 195 120 315 16-87 8-64 12-151

From Scouts Inc – VIA – Possesses good height, decent bulk and the frame to get bigger. Shows good fluidity and top-end speed. He consistently gets a quick break on the ball and diagnoses the run very quickly. He shows good toughness and strength in run support, especially for his size. He fills hard and shows adequate power at the point of attack. Sideline-to-sideline playmaker versus the run. He displays better-than-average range in zone coverage and he also can match up one-on-one versus slot receivers in the NFL. He is an instinctive playmaker with adequate-to-good ball skills. He has a good mental capacity and coaches rave about his ability to pick things up quickly. He is a good leader in the secondary and does a great job of getting everyone in position. He has tremendous experience as a four-year starter at the highest collegiate level. He also has been extremely versatile in LSU’s secondary throughout his career.

From via – Has a well-proportioned frame with a thick chest, broad shoulders … Instinctive athlete who seems to always be in position to make the play … Has the foot speed, balance and explosive closing burst to get into position and consistently make plays inside the box … Highly competitive and his performance elevates that of the players around him … Has the loose hips and leaping ability to adjust to the ball in flight, timing his jumps to get to the pass at its high point … Hits with good pop on contact and charges hard to fill the rush lanes … Has the physical and mental ability to play any position in the secondary and also has seen time as a linebacker in the nickel package … Very alert to blocking schemes and screens, showing no hesitation closing on the play … Too smart to bite on pump fakes and misdirection … Very good at recognizing play-action and bootlegs … Sees the field well, especially when playing deep in the zone … His quickness is evident in man coverage, as he is effective at staying on the hip of the receiver and has the acceleration to mirror on long routes … Has the feet and hip snap to make quick adjustments on the move and can handle any receiving threats in man coverage … Has the hand strength to press and reroute tight ends and backs working underneath … Has very smooth moves when transitioning from his backpedal and shows crispness coming out of his breaks, staying low in his pads with no wasted steps … Has the recovery burst to cover the deep end of the field and the vision to see and anticipate the routes as they develop … Uses his long arms effectively to break up the pass, reaching around to impede the receiver’s extension going for the ball … Has a keen understanding of zone concepts and picking up receivers in that area … Shows urgency closing in the short zone and is very quick to plant and drive, taking good angles to make plays on the ball … Runs with a quick stride to cover ground in a hurry and is quick to recover when beaten … Not the type who will get into trouble by eyeballing the backfield for too long … Gets to top speed in an instant and times his leaps and adjusts his body to compete for the ball in a crowd … Natural hands catcher with the big hands to snatch and pluck away from the frame … Slants and angles well to shut down the cutback lanes and closes quickly when he locates the running play … Hits with a thud in attempts to fill the rush alley and also when attacking ball carriers on the perimeter … Good wrap-up tackler, but also has the upper body strength to drag down his man or put the opponent on the ground with a collision tackle … When he gets low in his pads and wraps, few ball carriers can escape … Breaks down quickly and shows the ability to stick his hat and drive his man back … The thing that separates him from other safeties is his ability to attack the ball carrier’s outside leg to impede any forward progress … Has the range to roam the field and make plays along the sidelines, but is also efficient in taking on bigger blockers to stack and control inside the box … Calls the defensive signals and excels at getting his teammates set up and in position to make the play.

From Scouts Inc via – Lacks ideal bulk. Until he gets bigger he will not be able to match up as easily in-the-box at the NFL level as he has in college. He will misjudge the ball in the air on occasion and he still can improve his recognition skills when playing in deep-middle zone coverage.

From via – Hits with authority, but could use additional bulk (will sometimes get stonewalled in attempts to split double teams) … Has natural hands for the interception, but will try to attack the ball a lot, resulting in some missed tackles because he prefers to play the ball instead of attack his assignment … Has good recovery skills, but will get a bit reckless and out-run the play … When he gets reckless in his play, he is prone to costly penalties (flagged six times in 2006). Tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like Sean Taylor.

Compares to: Brian Dawkins. I’ll take that.

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