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The Redskin Report Pick-em Contest II

Its back!

The easiest way to win a Redskins jersey in existence – The Redskin Report Pick-em Contest. Its a simple FREE pick-em pool run through ESPN and the winner will receive a replica Redskins jersey of their choosing. Last years winner, Jeff, chose a sleek white Art Monk jersey (photo and post here). Last year we probably had 30 entries to start and it widdled down to maybe 15 of us once the Redskins went in the tank, so in all likelyhood this is the best odds you’ll get all year. Thanks to Bill for setting this up.

Here’s the details:

This game challenges you to select the winner of each game throughout the 17-week NFL season and offers a spread and non-spread version. Best of all, it’s FREE to play.

Get in the action now:

Game Front:
Group: The Redskin Report
Password: RedskinReport

It’s non-Spread, drop worst week, pick Home Team by default if no entry

NOTE: If you live in Uguanda or something I reserve the right to send you a gift certificate for the jersey instead of incurring $9000 in shipping charges.

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26 Responses

  1. Bill

    For those who are late to the party (after tonight), it SHOULD give you Indianapolis as your default choice for tonights game (win or lose) if you sign up before this weekend (even after NO-Indy starts tonight). No guarentees, but I think that’s how it’ll work.

    See you for bragging rights!

  2. Anonymous

    That will suck when Indy loses tonight.

  3. smyke

    Again, that will suck when Indy loses tonight. (forgot id)

  4. smyke

    my ability to pick upset specials apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. Bill

    That’s ok, there are 256 games to pick this year; you’ve only blown one. Now, if you somehow blow 255 more, THEN we’ll start talking……

  6. Bill

    BTW, there are currently 18 folks signed up… not bad, but it won’t be too late to join for another two weeks (though joining TODAY is best of all, for odds…..)

  7. Jon

    the pick-em is locked, does that mean we can’t do picks after the games have started?

  8. we want dallas

    Tried to sign on, but the site is telling me it’s a locked group and can’t be joined after the season has begun.

  9. Jon

    Green Bay
    New York (Jets)
    St. Louis
    Washington (of course)
    Oakland (eek!)
    San Diego
    Dallas (cowboys suck)
    San Fransisco (20-24)

    I will keep checking to see when its unlocked, hopefully before sundays games. I am historically awful at this, so not exactly a ringer making a late entrance.

  10. Bill

    Hmmmm…. looks like something is heywire to begin with, as I can’t even see the group straight up…. although I can make picks. I think there’s an error at ESPN; however, it DID say that you can’t join a password protected game after the start of the season… that could be a problem.

  11. Bill

    In fact, the exact error message from ESPN:

    The page you have requested is currently unavailable. Please click back and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    That makes me think this MAY be transient.

  12. Bill

    Ok, I think I’ve fixed it for folks to join; however, I’m going to have to have it on the honor system that folks don’t “Game the system” for Week 1 because it’s now possible to slightly cheat (I’ll be watching though; I’m going to snapshot the entries Sunday during the early games, and after that, folks will need to use the same entries… you get the Indy game “For Free” until then, if you do game it, but I think you might have gotten that regardless….); I’ll relock it down ~12:50 pm Sunday the 16th to close the hole, but that means no one can join after that (unless Lee overrides that; it’s HIS contest, not mine!)

    Right now, we have 19 players… can we get it to 40 before we lock it for the season???

  13. Lee Gibbons

    When I log in and look at the group info it says “Entries may leave/join group only before the season begins.” Is there a setting that can be changed?

  14. Bill

    Should already be changed Lee; see the email I literally just shot to you for what that means, though. I would have thought ESPN would have figured out a slightly better way to handle that (locking entries while still allowing folks to join).

  15. Bill

    Actually, I stand corrected. No, it can’t be done because ESPN changed the way that worked for this season; I also thought about just creating a new group and asking everyone to migrate their picks, but ESPN won’t allow new groups now, either; everything got locked sometime earlier this morning (looks like ~10:30 am EDT; one person joined this morning after 8:30 but before noon).

    Lee, I can do this a couple ways; you want me to hand track late joiners, or do you want to just say “Them’s the breaks”?

  16. three40

    When I log on now I only see my own entry in the “entry, owner” column on “The Redskin Report Group Page.” I’m okay with winning by default, but I suspect there’s actually a problem?

  17. Bill

    ESPN is obviously tweaking it at the moment; I get the same result, excepting that it’s my entry showing at the moment. It was “working” as expected (excepting that it wasn’t allowing new sign-ups) as recently as an hour ago, showing everyones score to date.

  18. three40

    Looks like it’s all fixed now (for now?). Too bad; it would have been nice to get last night’s pick back.

  19. we want dallas

    Gotta defend my runner-up spot:

    St. Louis
    New England
    San Diego
    San Francisco


  20. Zachary

    Can you open it up for week 2? those of us who didn’t sign up yet can have weel one be our “dropped’ week…..

  21. Zachary

    Never mind, I just read all the comments above. It’s obviously locked. If ESPN decides to unlock it, please make a posting as such over at Thanks. :)

  22. Bill

    First weekly Kudos of the new season are up on the Bulletin Board for the site; I’ll forward them out here, but the gist is that we have a HUGE logjam at top; four that went 13-3, one that went 12-4, 5 that went 11-5 and two that went 11-4 (I’ll have to ask if they get credit for only 11 or 12). Kudos to T. Berry, M. Chesser, D. Buss, and myself for the week (and obviously, the season at the moment).

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