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And the Head Coach is…. ZORN??????

Ok, file this in the “As the team gets weirder” department, but the Post is reporting that at 3:00 PM tomorrow, Sunday, February 10, 2008, the Redskins will announce the hiring of a new head coach, promoted from “within” the team’s structure:  Jim Zorn.

 I’m not making this up guys; this is the Post’s bit, but it’s all over the Net right now.  I guess that’s the continuity that was promised; they promoted the OC to HC… of course, the OC hadn’t even met with most of his players yet.

 But at least it’s not Fassel or Mooch.  But it’s not Gregg either.  Anyone out there still wondering when we’re going to wake up and find that the whole late part of the season (from, say the first game against Dallas on) was just a dream?

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  1. Lee Gibbons

    Well….. I dunno how I feel about this. My 1st reaction is at least its not Fassel, but hiring a QB coach to take over as the head guy seems a bit odd.

    So now do we have to go hire an offensive coordinator or does Zorn do both?

    Wasn’t expecting this at all.

  2. Riggo Posse

    I do say at least its not Fossil…er Fassel. At least we won’t be able to second guess strategy, etc. because he has a chance to prove himself. A lot of years as QB, a QB coach under such a good coach and system can’t be bad.

    I think he could probably handle the team, but can he handle Snyder?

  3. smyke

    He’s not the first QB coach to make that leap, and Andy Reid at least turned our alright for Philly. Perhaps since he’s not a Coordinator, he’ll be able to let the assistants do their job and not micromanage. Gibbs was supposed to manage things while Gregg and Al ran things, but he did interfere with the offense. Granted, it was likely for the best in the end, but if the HC doesn’t trust the system…..

    Like most posts I’ve seen on various sites, I think I’m okay with this, but that’s most likely relief over who it’s not.

  4. ROB

    Hey I was hired as a Director of Marketing and before I could start they called me and told me I was going to play CEO. What a fn JOKE. Zorn I guess will be easy to shake loose after they go for Cowher next year which is another joke. We need a young football mind that can grow with the organization. I can’t beleive what we’ve been reduced to.

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