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Overall Draft Analysis and Grade

Ok, Lee has chimed in and posted his thoughts; I’m going to save you some time and tell you “Read His” for a more thorough analysis because he discusses Day 2 in a bit of detail…. I’m pretty close to being in agreement overall with his post.  This post is shorter, though, as it’s only going to talk about a few of the key players and the overall grade.  For my Day 1 Analysis, you’ll need to go through a few posts to the Draft Summary post.

Day 2 had three key players (at this time, at least) picked up.  One is a future starting OL, one is perhaps THIS years Punter (Derrick Frost has competition!) and one is our future #2, but present #3 QB.  All three of them are excellent picks (no, I’m not a huge fan of Colt Brennan, but he was a GREAT pick at the spot we got him for a WCO team).  Reinhart isn’t going to be an All-Pro today, but he’s got a lot of potential, and he’s already very good.  He and Heyer are going to form a nucleus of a new generation of Hogs in a few years.  Brooks was the best Punter in the NCAA last year, and has the potential to be yet another very big Offensive weapon; if we can’t move the ball, we can pin ‘em deep.  While I’ve heard some folks complaining about how this must mean that the FO has no confidence in our new receivers, I see this as just another way to improve the team.

We picked up some quality depth, as well.  Tryon has a serious chance of making the team, as does Moore.  Both will be depth, of course, at this point, though Tryon has a chance of being on the field.  Even our late picks are relatively good; we gave ourselves chances of developing decent depth with these players, unlike last year where we could predict immediately that a number of the players wouldn’t have a chance of being on the team after the final cutdown (or even on the Practice Squad a few days later).  EVERY ONE of these folks has a real chance at sticking in a roster spot or a PSquad spot.  That’s a NICE change.

Even some of our UDFA aquisitions have a shot, although in this case, it’s because we need depth more than what we’ve drafted; if they can get into Training Camp, it’s all possible.  However, I wouldn’t get to complacent just because they’re invited for next weekend; a few of them probably won’t make it out of the Minicamp, as we look to find other players in need positions.  And a few will make it all the way until June 1st, when we’re almost certainly going to look at a few OL and DL June FAs.

Yes, like everyone, I wanted to see a DE or two chosen.  We DID pick up a DE, in the 7th…. but he’s just a depth pick at this point (of course, you never know when some JUCO or Division 2 or 3 player who was unheralded turns into a VERY good player who just never had exposure; you just can’t count on it).  And the lack of a higher round (4 or sooner) DE pick is going to hurt.  But I can’t help but think we’re about to put a 2nd or 3rd rounder in ’09 on the table to Miami for Jason Taylor.  Regardless, though, overall I have to give Cerrato a decent grade; they had a very good draft, with only the mistake in pick order for #48 and #51 keeping this from being an A+.

Grade (Day 2): A-

Grade (Overall): B

Next year is going to be big for DL players…. and we still have all of our picks.  If this is indicative of what we can do with actual picks, things are looking up!

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2 Responses

  1. Fred

    I don’t want Jason Taylor. We have leave the habit of trading draft picks for aging players on the downslope of their careers in the past.

  2. Bill

    I’m not sure the Dolphins will accept a 3rd Rounder for Taylor; however, for a short term need, it would probably be worth it to us to do that.

    We have issue this year (and next, if we don’t pick up some DE vet) with our DL. Unless we want to have an 8-8 season this year, we need to beef up the front line. If we don’t want to have an even worse year in ’09, we need to do something that will hold us over for 2 years. We could have gotten ANY DE in the draft this year, and his impact next fall would have been just fair; it takes two seasons for most DEs to adjust to the NFL. That means we need a vet; this year, we might be able to hold off, but next year is when that player would have had to develop… that means a vet now, and DEs next year in the draft.

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