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  1. Rob

    ‘I’ve never seen a good QB with a NORMAL sidearm motion…”

    Ever heard of a guy by the name of Brett Farve?


  2. Maverick

    Well that abnormal arm motion sure won him more games and stats records that many normal motion QB’s.

  3. paTG

    ‘I’ve never seen a good QB with a NORMAL sidearm motion…”

    John Madden in his commentary tonight said something like…”you need to be able to throw the ball from anywhere on the field, and sometimes that requires a sidearm motion.” Colt seems to adapt his arm motion to what is needed to complete a pass in a given situation, and that’s smart in my opinion– And besides, not all his throws are sidearm….On another note: Brennan was the only QB that played tonight who sustained all his drives with no need to punt on 4th…On another note: Madden said Brennan was a players’ player– that’s what he was at UH, and that ‘s an “intangible” not may qb’s have– he’s one of those players who can lift his team mates to a higher level of play– when you’re down in the 4th quarter… or to a 12-0 season. Okay…so I’m a Colt-believer, but that’s not a bad thing if you’re a Redskins’ fan, is it?

  4. saratogan

    The best rookie player in this game was Rinehart, OG. I do not think he got beat in pass protection. On many running plays, he bulled his opponent backwards. Impressive game.

    Brennan and Horton both seem to have football game sense – knowing how to make plays.

  5. UGAfan

    From the first day he stepped onto campus at Hawaii, and his life story of overcoming negative remarks to seeing him play on Sunday’s, he’s one story we will all remember as one of the great QB’s. This is one guy worth watching the NFL’s on Sundays. I won’t be surprised if he starts his streaks of breaking “now” NFL records, as he did in college…what was it, 16+ NCAA records? I lost count.

  6. Skins74

    Colt played an awesome game! Even with a unorthodox throwing motion, he can make all the throws. Everyone bashed him about being too short, or not strong enough. There are a lot of quarterbacks with weird throwing motions and who are short. Well, he showed a lot of people today what he can bring to the table. Give him some time to develop, he might just be a great one!

  7. Bill

    “I’ve never seen a good QB with a NORMAL sidearm motion”

    Bernie Kosar?

  8. Lee Gibbons

    Kosar did have a weird motion, but he was also very tall (6’5 or so). For a rookie, Brennan looked good. That one pass would have likely been picked off against starters but it was fine. The guy is a long term project for Zorn and he’ll be fine.

    I thought the run that Bill (author Bill, not commenter Bill) mentioned was Rock Cartwright dancing around instead of taking the 1st down although I could be wrong. Mason seemed more willing to go straight ahead than Rock, then again Rock is a veteran he may have been looking to avoid taking straight on shots.

  9. Billy

    (Formerly the other Bill.) It was Rock that didn’t nose in for the first down and it was Todd Collins, not Jason that had the flick fumble play.

  10. Bryce

    Rich Gannon did pretty good throwing sidearm.

    Regardless, Zorn’s arguably one of the best QB teachers in the league, picking up a project like Brennan in the sixth was a great plan.

    I didn’t notice the play that you’re referring to with Mason, but I agree that he and Rock both looked great.

    One thing that kind of bothered me on offense was Jason getting sacked. I realize Jansen needs to knock some rust off, but Freeny wasn’t even playing.

  11. Lee Gibbons

    I agree that sack on Campbell was a bad play by Jansen. His play hasn’t been as strong since his 1st injury a few years back, hopefully he improves as the off-season goes on. He hasn’t played in nearly a year, so lets hope that he’s still working into form.

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