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Skins move to 2-0 in preseason with win over Bills

Well, so far so good for Jim Zorn.  

Here are a couple of quick thoughts on the game:

- Jason Campbell has moved back ahead of Colt Brennan in the race to be the game 1 starter for the Skins.  In all seriousness, Campbell looked great.  He manufactured a TD drive and went 7-10 with two of his incompletions caused by passes being batted down at the line of scrimmage.  It looks like he has a good grasp of Zorns offense.

- Initially it looks like Jim Zorns offense is much less predictable than the offense the skins ran under Gibbs/Saunders.  It is nice to see the different route combinations and play calling.  I have high hopes for the offense this year.

- The starting defense looked good, or did Buffalo’s starting O just look bad?  Oh well, we’ll take it.  It was nice to see the Bills held to a field goal after the opening fumble.

- Suisham redeemed himself this week with his 46 yarder.  He should avoid the fury of the fans this week.  Consistency is a bit of an issue with him though.

- Billy McMullen had a nice game against the backups much to Lee’s chagrin.  Personally I would still keep Anthony Mix on the team for his special teams ability though.

- It was interesting to see Springs start at FS this week.  Yes, he was only there because of the injury situation but I wonder if he could be a FS in this league (not necessarily here) in the future

- No serious injuries to report is always good news.

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