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  1. RiggoPosse

    The Colt Brennan era is approaching…

    Will there ever be any leadership on the Redskins offense. Will anyone step up and SHOW others how to get it done. You don’t always have primaries open and have to create something now and then to keep others off balance. Wait a minute, Todd Collins won 4 games like that last year and we got in the play offs. And weren’t we “struggling to find some identity” just before Collins came in?

    You want something to happen, lets put people in that have DEMONSTRATED they can make something happen…somehow.. with some leadership and confidence.

    Enter Colt Brennan.. your day is coming pal. Get Todd in there now and lets move on to quarterbacks that develop, rather than one that hasn’t lead you anywhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Jim Zorn was ultra conservative with his play calling, almost force feeding the run and leaving extra blockers in on most plays.

    Initially things did not start out this way. The O-Line was unable to stop the Giants blitz, it shows in the multiple first quarter sacks. In the second quarter they adjusted, and the extra blocker was able to pick up the heat, giving Campbell the extra time he needed.

    Our offensive line MUST be dealt with in the 09 draft. I was apalled @ the lack of substantial offensive and defensive linemen in our draft this year, those 9 ugly guys are the ones you ride to superbowls, and the men who make great quarterbacks.

  3. Ricker

    Once again we are faced with a lack of play makers.
    Jason Campbell is confused, he looks like a rookie. Santana Moss is not a number 1 receiver, Randell El is not a number 2 and James Thrash is done. We are looking at 4-12 maybe 5-11. The O-line is just not good and the D-line is barely good.

  4. dave cavalieri

    cambell looks horrible, how can james trash be a receiver. i am sure he is a good guy, but he never gets open and dropped the one pass that did hit him in the hands. collins will always be better than cambell, and zorn looks like a deer in the headlights. it looks like we are done. good job cerrato and the bunch of knuckleheads who run this mess.

  5. Warren Montgomery

    I published the following from my own Redskins blog regarding this premature hysteria about Jason Campbell and the soon coming of Colt Brennan.

    ~ ~ ~

    After one game, it has already started. People are beginning to question whether Jason Campbell is suited for the offense. They’re quick to comment on his performance in the last two preseason games, and the most recent game against the Giants. I will readily concede the point that the offense looked pathetic, especially in the first quarter. In fact, see my game summary and commentary as I watched. Honestly, they didn’t look ready.

    That said, I fully believe it is extremely premature to grade and/or judge Jason Campbell or Jim Zorn based on the performance thus far. Let’s all remember, Joe Gibbs needed five games to figure it out. Now, I know what Ryan Wilson might say to that. He’d say, the reason Joe Gibbs turned it around after five games is because he adjusted the offense to fit his personnel. And you know what, he’d be right.

    So, maybe Jim Zorn and/or Jason Campbell will adjust further. But, what I think, is that first and foremost, the will each become more comfortable with each other. And that alone will yield better results.

    Lastly, with regards to JC’s size, Brett Farve is only three inches shorter. Let’s all relax, take a deep breath. We may or may not make the playoffs. But, we will be an improved team.

  6. ariel

    Wow, with a performance like that, you would think we were facing the Super Bowl champions, charged up on a night they got their rings.

    It’s one game, people, please. Yes, we looked awful — AWFUL! But didn’t Gibbs I start out 0-5 before getting to the holy land the next year? Give them some time.

  7. RiggoPosse

    I agree about the receivers. Somebody put in a call to Billy McMullen and get his ass back to practice. Thrash is a good insert but not an everyday guy now and he can help on ST. McMullen, 6’4″, 20 balls preseason (half games folks), and doesn’t mind traffic.

    A QB job is a tough one. Four seasons it seems that there would be 3 or 4 simple plays to find SOMEBODY somewhat open. You have to MAKE plays.. not run plays.

  8. Daniel Coe

    im just gunna tell it how it is, we looked really bad, plane and simple.the only positive thing that came out of that game is our redzone defense. Jim zorn you brought in the west coast offense to open up our passing game but i havent seen jack squat from it, sorry to say but its the truth. you didnt manage the clock with ur timeouts near the end of the giants game, you didnt run the hurry up offense when we needed to, i mean give me a break. I felt like we played way to conservative and didnt take shots down the feild until it was to late, you play the game to win! we need to stop playing not to lose and start playing to win. open up the offense, take more shots down the field off play action and utilize the great talent that we have around us.we also need to get back to redskins football which is pounding the ball down our opponents throats all day long with clinton, big mike and BETTS!!! i know i sound a lil harsh but im a die hard REDSKINS fan that is tired of this BS. we have to much talent to have another ok season. Jim as of right know Jason looked better last year without you. get it together Jim and get it together fast. we are not in a rebuilding stage within our franchise( player wise). the pieces our put into place so i dont wanna hear any excuses this season. get us to the promise land. Last but not least PROTECT JASON FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!

  9. smyke

    Wow. You guys cry like a bunch of Eagles fans. It’s one game people.
    If there is anything wrong with Jason Campbell is that we can’t make up our minds as to what freaking offense we need to run year to year. The fact that we’ve done as well as we have the past few years is a miracle considering that. If Jason flames out, it’s due to a confusion we put upon him.
    No turnovers, first and foremost. That’s Joe Gibbs teaching and he’s still got that. If he sets that as his foundation and can become more aggressive as familiarity comes, they we’re moving in the right direction.

    You guys complain like you’ve been reading the Post. We’ll be lucky to start 1-3 and that was my assessment before the Giants game.

  10. davec

    how about the broncos second round pick rookie receiver, 9 catches, huh. good job with the draft.

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