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I like Rex

No caveats, no if or buts.

I like Rex Grossman.

I may end up regretting it in a few weeks or heck, maybe Monday night.  But I dig the guy.

He’s got guts.  That 4th down TD pass to Santana Moss took balls.  For years we’ve had either had bad QBs (Donovan McNabb) or wimpy QBs (Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell) who would take the check down route every 2nd play.  Grossman’s 7.7 yard per attempt dwarfs anything we’ve seen in Washington in years.  (Its also way above anything Grossman’s done before so who knows if it’ll last)

There’s no doubt that Brunell or Campbell would’ve dumped that 4th down pass off to the Helu or Gaffney.  McNabb would have tossed it into the ground .  Grossman rolled the dice and helped won the game for the Redskins.

Yes, he also had a brutal interception.  Its highly unlikely that he’s going to turn into some superstar QB at this point in his career.  But he seems to be able brush off mistakes, and heck he’s kinda fun to watch.

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