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It Must be John Beck

It wasn’t too long ago I was singing the praises of Rex Grossman.  Now, just a few weeks later its time to eat crow.  I was wrong.

I liked his ability to block out bad plays and to go for the big play, but unfortunately those qualities can’t overcome a crippling tendency to turn the ball over.  Its a good quality that he can forget throwing a brutal interception and move on to the next play, but its not one you want to see in action 4 times a game.   He just makes too many mistakes.

This Redskins team is going to win games based on a strong defense and a decent special teams unit (which has the potential to be very good if Gano can continue his recent hot streak).  They need a quarterback who can manage the game and not put the defense in horrible positions.  Can John Beck be that guy?  Who knows at this point, but Rex Grossman clearly can not be.  It was easy to defend Grossman’s errors when he was putting up 300 yard games and the Skins were putting up points, but over these past three games the passing game has faded and all that remains are the constant turnovers.

Grossman is what he’s always been, a mistake prone inconsistent QB who will cost you more games than he will win for you and who has the mobility of a three toed sloth.   Will Beck be any better?  We just don’t know, but its time to find out.

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