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Kudos to Colts Fans

Had to give some credit to Colts fans. They found some wacky stat where Luck rates really well and RG3 stinks.  If only every down was 3rd and 10 than RG3 would suck and Luck would have a chance to win the rookie of the year.

I’m sure they had to dig deep to find that (and I do give them credit for going beyond the OMG 4th quarter comebacks!~! meme) and I’m a friendly chap so here are other stats where Luck leads RG3:

  • Throwing a 50 yard incompletion when a guy is running wide open 10 yards downfield.
  • Interceptions (this one isn’t even close guys!)
  • 4th quarter comebacks!!
  • Games played against terrible teams
  • Growing weird looking beards

Looking forward to your posts.

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