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NFC East Champions


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  1. wewantdallas

    It’s been a wonderful day of reading comments on the Dallas Morning News website. HAIL!

  2. Tyler Stuart


    Looking for a few beta partners to run an NFL Channel on their website(s) if that’s your domain or you can point me to the right person.

    We’re a Denver-based startup with a history of working with top web publishers (ESPN, USAToday, NBC News, etc.). HANDLL takes interesting voices from the NFL (players, teams, photographers, writers…) as well as your own content and runs a channel of dynamic, engaging content in a player on the web pages of your choice.

    The player increases engagement and gives static content context with what’s happening now in the NFL. Please let me know the best time and person to connect with on a brief call. I’m doing this at no cost to early partners right now.

    Best regards,


    Tyler Stuart | HANDLL

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