James Bones

James Bones

I'm a life long Redskin fan combining my love of writing with my love of the Redskins. My intention is for this site to give the reader indepth coverage of the Redskins you won't find any where else on the web.

My articles have been posted on the Scout network's Redskins page and linked to Fox Sports and Yahoo.

NFC East Champions


Kudos to Colts Fans

Had to give some credit to Colts fans. They found some wacky stat where Luck rates really well and RG3 stinks. ┬áIf only every down was 3rd and 10 than RG3 would suck and Luck would have a chance to […]

Redskins Penalized, but likely not surprised

If you watched Bruce Allen’s media scrum the other night he said they have enough cap space this year and next to do what they need to follow their plan. Why would he mention next year? Now it has become […]

RG3 Is a Redskin!!

  I don’t care how many picks it took. This video shows how I’m feeling right now: