Why have I decided to start up a blog about the Redskins and my passion for the team? Like most questions the answer isn’t that straight forward. The Skins have always been my team. In my lifetime they’ve experienced many ups and downs. In my young days as a fan they won 3 Superbowls. I’m not sure exactly when I became a Skins fan, but I was a young pup. I don’t remember the 1st Superbowl win vs Dolphins, but I do remember Thiesmman and the broken leg.

Being up in Canada, pre internet and 500 channels, NFL information wasn’t that easy to get. I’ve always been a sports junkie though. I would lie in the living room with the Sports Section every morning and memorize all the standings and player stats. I could ring out stats and records for any baseball player and team. NFL stats weren’t available in Canada, but I knew the standings and somehow took a liking to Washington.

They’ve always been my team since then. Luckily, in the late 80s and early 90s they were always a good team, so we’d get to watch them quite a bit in the one or two games we’d get televised up in Canada each weekend. As the years progressed, getting Skins info became easier with the internet and the most important element in my Skins addiction, NFL Sunday Ticket.

Being able to catch every game turned me from a loyal fan to full out fanatic. I joined up on a couple of Redskins message boards, and ended up making my home on I’ve never been a really active poster, but lately I’ve started to have more and more opinions and thoughts about my team, and so I’ve turned to this blog as an outlet for them.

As for my background, I’m an accountant. As I mentioned above I’ve been a numbers geek since my childhood. So a lot of these entries will end up going a statistical route. I’m not big on the calculations and coming up with fancy stats to prove my point, but I’m good at analyzing numbers and seeing beyond them. Other entries will just be game thoughts or thoughts on team news, etc. I’ve got no plans on how often I’ll be posting here, although I’d expect to start up with a pretty regular update schedule. That’s about it. If anyone reads this, and has any good football stat sites I could use, let me know.

Till then HTTR.


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